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Liquor Control solutions

    Control Plus Spy Pro

    The natural evolution of our most popular solution.

    This amazing unit allows us to give owners the possibility to combine liquor monitoring and draft beer all in one.

    Our solution comes with unlimited amount of liquor bottles, 6 built in connectors for draft beer lines expandable to 70 lines using additional boards (16 at a time)

    Using dallas key technology (optional), we can have up to 32 servers using one machine and getting individual sales reports (in portion or dollar amounts).

    These units can have individual IP addresses to expand communication possibilites.

    Free programming software or USB keyboard access.

    • High Quality & Affordable Cost Solution
    • Control : Pouring Portions, Portion Sizes
    • Direct to printer, ECR or POS
    • Program : Happy Hours, Custom Periods (8 availables per day)
    • Export : Reports to printer, ECR or POS or PC
    • Free : Programming Software
    • Reporting Software available
    • Spouts : Regular or High Flow Spouts
    • Installation : Setup evaluated by experts to fit your needs
    • 3-year limited warranty ( 1-year on activator)